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Custom Classic Spec Options

As a custom maker, I can build any of my models to a client's chosen specification. Check out the options...

Classic Body
Neck: Mahogany, maple or solid rosewood when available. Bolt-on or set neck.
Fingerboard: Indian rosewood, ebony or maple.
Body: Mahogany, swamp ash or alder (with or without tone chambers).
Body Facing: Flamed or quilted maple in varying grades.

Scale Length:
22 or 24 frets at...
628mm (24¾") or
635mm (25") or
648mm (25½").

Fingerboard Radius:
Single radius:
225mm (9") or
250mm (10") or
300mm (12").
Compound radius:
250mm to 350mm
(10" to 14") or
300mm to 400mm
(12" to 16").

Fret Size:
Dunlop 6100 (wide and tall) or
Dunlop 6105 (narrow and tall).
Neck Dimensions:
Standard size:
Nut width: 43mm (1.11/16"),
width at fret 22: 58mm (2.9/32").

The profile of my standard neck is best described as the nicest '59 Les Paul you laid your hands on!

It has a depth at the 1st fret of 22mm (7/8"), at the 12th fret it's 24mm (15/16").

Optional neck depths are 21mm or 23mm at 1st fret to 23mm or 25mm at 12th fret.

A "one off" Custom Classic
Fingerboard Inlays:
If standard 6mm Mother-of-Pearl dots or small offset blocks don't take your fancy, then let's chat about it!

Don't forget, all my inlays are done by hand, not computer - they take a great deal of time and can therefore add a lot to the price of your guitar.

Classic Body
All guitars are adaptable to receive standard or locking tuners - fixed or vibrato bridges. The choice is yours.

My favourite pickups are Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, Tom Holmes and Harmonic Design. However, I'll fit anything you want. Any configuration of humbuckers and/or single coils can be installed on each model of guitar.
Each guitar has standard placement for the pickup selector switch, volume and tone controls but various wiring options (custom coil-splits etc.) are available, depending on pickups chosen.